Step 1: Click 'Select Volume to Repair' option from the main interface of the software


Step 2: Select your startup disk from the Volume List and press Next to create bootable USB


Step 3: The software gathers external USB drive information for bootable USB creation


Step 4: Here, select your external USB drive as the destination device


Step 5: The software copies all the bootable files to the external USB drive


Step 6: The bootable USB media is created successfully. Restart your Mac and press Option key to boot with Stellar Volume Repair bootable USB


Step 7: Now, select your start-up drive again and press Repair (Volume 1 is an example)


Step 8: The software repairs the corrupt directory structure of your startup drive (Volume 1 is an example)


Step 9: (Additional Features) The software repairs corrupt disk permissions on the startup drive


Step 10: (Additional Features) The software enables Volume Journaling to protects the integrity of the drives.