Data Recovery for QuickBooks, SQL, Oracle Database

Database recovery is a complex process that requires specialized technicians with advanced knowledge. We at Stellar cater to all types of database systems. If you are working on a Server and lost some of your crucial files, it is highly recommended to stop all the operations being performed on the Server and contact us immediately. Our professional data recovery services will help restore your lost data.

How are Lost Database Files Recovered?

At Stellar, we utilize advanced techniques and tools that recover every possible data from corrupted files. Whether the database files are lost due to accidental deletion, hardware failure, software malfunction, user error(s), server crash, malware intrusions or any other reason, we recover every possible bit of data, efficiently.

Some reasons can lead to inaccessibility of database files. If you encounter database failure, all you need to do is call us, speak with our data recovery experts and explain your case. In a majority of cases, less interference with the machine as well as incorporated data, results in possible chances of recovery.

We understand the value of time and money; therefore, we always try to recover data from the corrupted database files within a specified time duration, without unnecessary delays. Rapid Services are always offered in case there is an urgent request to recover data. Our team of experts tries to accomplish the task successfully ASAP.

After the initial consultation phase, we will proceed further with the recovery procedure. Once, we receive your data storage media, we will analyze it thoroughly to determine and detect the reasons that may have caused the failure. We will then plan and set up appropriate data recovery strategies to retrieve data from the failed drive.


We will look for the reason for failure which includes either of the following:

  • Physical damage to drive which results in inaccessibility of integrated files; or
  • The file itself is corrupted or damaged

Once we complete the evaluation, we will contact you to discuss the pricing and the time duration of the recovery procedure. The price quote prepared after completion of the evaluation phase is fixed and will not be changed once approved. After we get the authorization to accomplish the process, we will initiate the recovery procedure.


What could be the plausible causes?

Based on the underlying problem, the actual recovery procedure and time to complete the process varies. Some of the common issues responsible behind the corruption within database files are:

  • Corrupted file system
  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard drive failure
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Server breakdown
  • Sudden power surges
  • Corrupted RAID array
  • Mishandling or User error
  • Firmware updates
  • Existence of Bad sectors

We work with different kind of Database Files that includes:


At Stellar Data Recovery, we recover the most popular open source RDBMS MySQL. Some large websites on internet utilize MySQL. Apart from websites, MySQL is used in a large number of applications. We handle hundreds of MySQL database recovery operations in a year. Sometimes, corruption within the backup files or outdated backup is responsible behind database inaccessibility.

Microsoft SQL Server

Recovering your precious data is our top priority. Our Data Recovery professionals are highly skilled. They possess advanced knowledge of SQL database and techniques for recovery of data from MDF and NDF file. Our team of experts restores your corrupted database quickly and minimizes the business downtime after Server disaster. Advanced knowledge of all SQL programming language helps offer rapid recovery services.

Oracle Database

Our data recovery professionals are well integrated with the Oracle database, file system, and DBF files. Our experienced professionals handle multiple Oracle database failure operations on a daily basis. With latest techniques and powerful recovery algorithms, we handle almost all the versions of Oracle database such as:

  • Oracle 5
  • Oracle 6
  • Oracle 7
  • Oracle 8
  • Oracle 8i
  • Oracle 9i
  • Oracle 10
  • Oracle 11g

MS Access Database

We recover MS Access databases and DB files with utmost precision as per our client's specific requirements. We look after all the aspects of recovery very closely to protect every bit of data and represent it before you. The recovery is made in the least possible time as specified after the analysis phase. Once the recovery procedure is accomplished, we run integrity checks to analyze the successful restoration of data.

SQL Backup

The backup of Microsoft SQL database is stored as .bak files so as to recover data from it in case the database gets corrupt or inaccessible due to one or more reasons. However, there are times when it is impossible to restore the backup either due to corruption in the BAK file or incorrect methods used to restore it. With our SQL Backup data recovery service that is available across the globe, we can recover all data from the corrupt MS SQL database backup (.bak) files.

SQL Anywhere

The data of SQL Anywhere, which is a proprietary relational database management system (RDBMS) from SAP, can be recovered quickly, and without any hassles.Stellar with its team of highly qualified and experienced professionals provide fast and easy recovery service for all versions of SQL Anywhere database which includes Ultralite, Mobilink, QAnywhere, and SQL Remote.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Visual FoxPro (VFP) is a prime data-centric and object-oriented procedural programming language from Microsoft that stores database data in VFP files. Despite several improvements, it does get corrupt at times. We repair the corrupt VFP files and recover all data from them. It does not matter whether the files are on a single hard drive or on a RAID server; we recover data from VFP files in all cases, irrespective of the storage media.

SAP SYBASE | Adaptive Server Enterprise

We at Stellar provide exceptionally quality database data recovery service for errors in Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), which is a versatile relational database management software. Although manufactured and sold by Sybase Inc., the database data recovery service for the enterprise-class RDBMS which is exceptionally good at handling OLTP workloads should be obtained at any of our Data recovery centers.


In the global sphere, we are one of the best service providers for recovering data from the QuickBooks database. We have the expertise to retrieve all your accounts data, quickly and easily. Whether the data is lost due to failure in the software or the accounting software itself, we provide data recovery service in both cases. Contact any of our Data Recovery centers to get back all the accounts data stored in the database of QuickBooks.


We are one of the best data recovery service providers when it comes to recovering data from corrupt FileMaker or FileMaker Pro database files, regardless of the version and the operating system on which they are configured. Whether the FileMaker database file is FP7, FP5, FMP, or DBF, and whether the operating system is Windows or Mac, you will get prompt service for all the file formats of FileMaker relational database management system (RDBMS) at Stellar Data Recovery centers spread across the globe.


Despite Peachtree Accounting software being one of oldest and most widespread accounting database management systems globally, it's database DAT files does get corrupt at times. Certain issues which corrupt the data stored in the DAT files makes them inaccessible, thus hampering the businesses significantly. Through our Stellar Data Recovery centers, we render data recovery service to recover all your data stored in the DAT file. With 23+ years of industry experience, we can recover data from Peachtree DAT file in all situations without fail.

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