Data Recovery Services for Email Files

Stellar Data Recovery Services aims towards recovering deleted email files as well as recoverable data from corrupted files and email archives. Using advanced data recovery techniques, we ensure complete recovery of your file so that it becomes accessible and contains most of data with all the integral attributes intact and attachments enclosed.

Why Emails are Important?

Due to technical transition, most of the communication is accomplished digitally. Email is the primary mode of correspondence and usually include crucial data (both professional and personal). Loss of a single email can, therefore, have dire consequences. We understand the value of data that emails incorporate. It could be an important business correspondence that gets deleted mistakenly or it can be a valuable communication between friends. Thus, it can be quite distressing when such emails are lost.

What are the causes behind Email Data Loss?

A number of reasons are responsible for email loss. With considerable years of experience in recovery of email files, we detect some common causes that lead to email loss such as:

  • Large volume of email file
  • Virus attacks or malware intrusions
  • Inaccessibility due to anti-virus applications
  • Hard drive failure or device breakdown
  • Accidental deletion of email files or attachments
  • Deletion due to partitioning and formatting
  • Bad sectors resulting in file corruption
  • Operating system breakdown or hardware malfunction

With our years of expertise as well as adopting advanced strategies and techniques, we help extract maximum recoverable data from your corrupted storage media.

What to do Next?

Contact Stellar Data Recovery services the moment you lose your email or data loss. An expert data recovery professional will listen to your query and will suggest the best resolution for your problem. The time duration that the entire email recovery process takes depends on the intensity of corruption in the email data file.

We also provide expedited data recovery services as per client demands and preferences. If you need rapid recovery solutions, you must mention it during the consultation phase. The data recovery procedure in such cases takes around few hours to a single day, based on the severity of corruption and the reason behind your data loss.

How Lost Emails are Recovered?

Our email recovery experts can work with any desktop and web email file formats. However, we specialize in recovering corrupted and lost PST files, data repository for Microsoft Outlook, to name a few. Initially, we begin with analyzing the storage media. Analysis of the storage device helps us detect the actual reason behind data loss. It helps us discover any signs that could interrupt and prevent the recovery of data in any form.

We do not charge for initial analysis and evaluation phase. Once the causes of email loss are detected, we will send you an official email for email recovery quote and its duration of recovery. We will require an Authorization letter from your end to proceed. Once we receive your consent letter, we will initiate the procedure to bring the drive to its accessible mode.

We will image the original storage drive and start working with the cloned copy. We will examine the file layout and once the directory with email files and attachments are detected, we will employ advanced email recovery tools to extract the files and restore your data.

The tools are integrated with advanced data recovery algorithms that enable us to recover damaged and corrupted Outlook PST files and rebuild every single bit thereafter. Usually, we restore about 100% of data into the drive; however, in cases where not even a single bit of data is restored from damaged archive email file, we do not charge you at all.

For more queries on our email recovery procedures, please contact our data recovery experts either online (via chat) or call at the toll-free number: 1800-102-3232.

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