Broken/External HDD Data Recovery Services

A common mistake made by most people is not creating a backup of their data and storing everything on the hard drive of their computers. Hard drive failure is inevitable as with time, owing to several reasons, it stops working or crashes. To avert situations of data loss, backing up the data on another storage device can help.

Usually, systems are unable to detect hard drive failure; however, it does send out certain signals to alert the users that there is some problem in the hard drive. Understanding the signals before the drive completely fail scan help you to avert the situation of data loss.

Hard Drive Diagnostic

Sometimes, despite being cautions and regularly backing up data, there can be unwarranted situations that may cause data loss. No matter how you have lost your valuable data, it can still be recovered. However, before knowing about the recovery process, it is important to know about the various situations that would lead to data loss:

  • Physical failure - Physical failure refers to the situation in which the hardware of your computer suffers physical damage. This situation can arise due to electrical failure, natural disaster, or hardware breakdown.
  • Logical failure - Logical failure refers to the situation wherein the data stored in your computer has been altered, thereby, restricting access to your data. This situation can arise due to Accidental or intentional deletion, Virus attacks, Administration error, Formatting, OS failure, or Registry damages etc.

Broadly speaking, the above are the two important situations that leads to data loss. No matter, whether it is a logical failure or a physical failure, the data stored on your HDD can be easily recovered. When you create data, it gets stored on your systems hard drive or on the HDD of the server. In any of the above situations, the data does not get permanently removed. Hence, the data can be easily recovered. This may create confusion because when you have formatted the system or deleted the files, they no longer appear on your system data. In other words, when you format or delete the data, the indexing of the files and folders is removed, which makes it difficult to locate the file. The only way through which you permanently lose data beyond the scope of recovery is when you overwrite the old data.

What Should Be Done in Case of Data Loss?

Often when the HDD of your computer crashes, we tend to troubleshoot it on our own, which can be risky at times. Therefore, when such situations arise, there are certain things that needs to be done in order to prevent data loss. These include:

  • Avoid using the drive immediately after an issue occurs
  • Do not overwrite on deleted or recently formatted files
  • Never attempt to get back your data from non-working or physically failed storage devices
  • Avoid using the faulty drives or storage device once the risk of data loss strikes

How to Recover Data from Your Hard Drive?

The above mentioned steps can help you protect your data from being erased permanently. However, to recover the data, the very first step is to determine whether the loss is due to logical or physical failure. Once you have identified the cause, you can recover the data easily; however, data recovery methods for both the situations are different. Let's look at each:

  • Logical Failure - When there is a case of logical failure, it is better not to use the drive at all as it increases the chances of data loss. Immediately shutdown the system connected to the drive. You can clone the drive using a data recovery software.
  • Physical Failure - If your hard drive is making popping, screeching or clicking sounds, this clearly means that the drive is not able to function properly. In such cases, do not try to resolve the issue by opening the hard drive as the probability of data loss is very high in such cases. Instead contact an established company that offers data recovery services. The same solution is applicable in case of natural disaster and hardware wreck.

The way forward:

When there is a logical failure, you can recover the data using our data recovery software, namely Stellar Windows Data Recovery Home, Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro, Stellar Windows Data Recovery Tech, and Stellar Recovery for Virtual Machine. You can choose the one that will best suit your needs. In case the data loss is due to mechanical failure, you can easily approach our data recovery centers located in all the major cities of India as well as in various countries of the world. With our state-of-the-art infrastructure equipped with 100 clean rooms, we at Stellar carry out data recovery of over 35000 HDD every year. With years of experience in data recovery, we assure 100% data recovery with a very high success rate standing at 95%.

About Us:

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the key-players in the field of Data Recovery not only in India, but also in other parts of the world. With an experience spanning 23+ years, we have been successfully recovering data for over 2 million clients worldwide. With a highly experienced team of R&D specialists along with advanced infrastructure, we have developed several data recovery software to cater to the various needs of our clients.

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