Data Recovery for RAID, NAS, SAN, & Other Servers

A server is a storage that provides data to other computers and allows them to access huge blocks of business data at a centralized place. The data may be served to systems on LAN or WAN over the Internet. Therefore, for a business organization that completely depends on online presence, it is important to have a proper server for an easy storage of the data and easy operation of the organization.

Importance of Server:

  • High data security
  • Least chances of website becoming slow
  • Great technical support in case of managed servers
  • High reliability
  • Options for upgrade route
  • Has enough space and bandwidth

These are the reasons that enforce the growing demand for a server, and thus they have become a replacement to a normal PC, thereby, creating a huge business dependency.

The importance of a server is highly underlined but to a larger extent the server can also be a victim of data loss. Whether it's a simple server or any RAID, NAS, SAN data storage box, data loss instances can occur at any time and under any circumstance.

We have an in-house Research and Development team along with ISO certified class 100 clean room to provide you expert hardware or software recovery from all removable media such as CD, DVD, USB drive (External hard disk), floppy disk, pen drive, flash drive, or SSD.

You can reach out to us for a free consultation. Trust Stellar to recover data from your removable media. We can assure you up to 100% recovery rate from all types of removable storage all across the globe.


Reasons of Server Data Loss:

  • Single or multiple hard drive failure
  • RAID controller failure
  • Virus attack
  • File system corruption
  • Intentional or accidental deletion of files
  • Application software bugs
  • Failed upgrades of the OS
  • Unexpected power surge
  • Overheating or electrostatic discharge

What we can do?

  • Deploying firewalls and virus protection
  • Ensure proper environmental conditions
  • Secure systems physically from intruders
  • Check the event log of the server for error details
  • Try a server reinstallation
  • Run Windows Update as this can eliminate potential bugs

These manual solutions are only a first-aid that can be applied at once. However, several users are not aware of these and reach a panic driven state; they try to recover those data files on their own and the result could worsen the situation more. So, instead of calling a Server Data Recovery company, recovering those lost files on their own will definitely create chaos, and the chances of recovery will critically decrease.


What is the next step?

Call an experienced and a trusted name in server data recovery such as Stellar Server Data Recovery Services, who will efficiently restore your lost data on the server.


Why Stellar?

more than 20 years of experienceThe data recovery engineers are highly skilled and trained to recover lost data from file servers. From retrieving the lost web server data or direct-attached RAID and recovering virtual server data, we have a good track record for saving businesses from huge data failure due to server crashes.

Having a global presence, two decades of experience in data recovery, and over 2million+ satisfied customers, we have been dealing with complex data loss situations. Our expert team of server data recovery engineers performs Exchange server recovery, SQL server recovery, and recovery from troubled Windows server, LINUX server, UNIX server and SharePoint server with ease.


The below mentioned data loss situations are tackled by us during a server failure:

  • RAID rebuild failure
  • Accidental deletion of data
  • Failure of intermittent drive resulting in configuration corruption
  • Simultaneous failure of multiple drives
  • RAID Controller failure
  • Accidental reconfiguration of RAID drives
  • File system
  • corruption
  • Natural disasters

In case of servers, the simultaneous failure of multiple drives significantly increases the complexity of the problem. Thus, during that situation, any small mistake made in hurry can result to permanent damage the storage media beyond.

Thus, we at Stellar follow a systematic Server Recovery process to give efficient and highly satisfied results for our valued customers. Our recovery follows a three step structure:

Consultation: This is the first stage of our process in which the our server recovery professionals take down the details of the cause of server failure, RAID configuration and the steps you have taken to recover data on your own.

Diagnosis: The information obtained from the details is noted down and devise the accurate strategy to recover. All the accessible hard drives/RAID array are cloned to avoid further damage to the data and are treated by our expert engineers in our certified CLASS 100 Clean Room labs. After diagnosis by our data recovery experts, report along with required time period and quotes is submitted that is needed to recover the data.

Data Recovery: Based on the customers' approval on diagnosis report and quotes, we initiate the recovery process. The process of recovering server is performed only on cloned drives by us. The cloned drives are analyzed to stimulate the RAID controller algorithm and this recovery service helps to recover the server data consistently.

We always use our expert techniques and have carved a niche in the technical industry since decades. Thus, it is recommended to call for a technical enthusiast server data recovery service like Stellar rather than going in a panic state. At Stellar, we guarantee 100% efficient results with a wider satisfaction.

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