Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery Services

Solid State Drives are the latest models of storage media and comparatively faster than a hard disk. Increasingly SSD's have become a popular resource of digital storage and also preferred choice of users for different devices, such as digital cameras, tablets and laptops. SSDs use memory chips instead of rotating disk to perform read or write operation. Due to this mechanical structure, they become less prone to failure and are capable of extending the life of a device's battery, system performance, and decreasing overall weight.

However, no matter how solid the SSDs are and how precautions you are taking to prevent them from failure, wide usage of SSD drive can't stop a failure.

Usually, the main causes of an SSD failure are:

  • Electronic components gone bad
  • Hardware failure
  • Dead capacitors
  • Human error
  • Natural disasters
  • Abrupt power failure
  • Bad or damaged controller chip
  • Virus infection
  • Power surges

Initially, for the first few years, both solid state and mechanical drives are equally reliable the chances of failure in young drives are comparatively lesser than older drives. However, this logic is not always correct that only older drives get failed and result data loss and need SSD data recovery services specialist.


Here are the common Causes of SSD Data Loss

Solid State Dive use flash memory chips to store data; therefore, it doesn't get failed due to mechanical or hardware damages like head crashes or motor defects. But still there are possibilities of data loss in SSDs such as traditional storage devices due to damaged flash chips, human error, virus attack, power surge, hardware failure, natural disasters and software corruption.


SSD (Solid State Drive) Recovery Services

Due to inconsistent industry standards among chip manufacturers, each flash and SSD drive recovery situation is different from each other and complex. Therefore, when it comes to recovering data from a damaged SSD drive then a SSD data recovery service provider could be the best and most reliable method. Stellar Data Recovery Service has been delivering SSD recovery service from multiple SSD failure causes.

We use various techniques and methods that are unique for SSDs and flash technology which reduce the challenges comes while recovering inaccessible data from an SSD drive like data organization proprietary, encryption and encoding variations, address line complexity, flash memory chip density, and Implementation of customized algorithms, to name a few.


Successful recovery rate

We have been delivering data recovery services since the last 22 years due to which our team of experts is capable enough to develop data reconstruction programs and identifying, separating, and reassembling the SSD memory to extract your files from an inaccessible or dead SSD to provide higher success rate.

We support data recovery services from SSD manufactured by various leading suppliers such as Intel, Samsung, Seagate, Crucial, SanDisk, etc.and restore your lost data. Additionally, we provide recovery from all types of SSD Devices like Laptops, External USB Drives, Tablets, Smartphone and Enterprise Storage.

You can contact us for a free diagnosis from our SSD drive recovery experts. After successful diagnosis, we determine the best recovery steps to complete your solid state drive recovery process and contact you along with the complete report of the recoverable data.You can take decision before paying the actual recovery price. Once we get the confirmation from you,our engineers will initiate the recovery.

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