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How to create HFS, FAT and EXFAT partitions on single drive?

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Stellar Partition Manager V3.0 software empowers Intel Mac users to create multiple file systems on a single external hard disk drive. 
What do you need?
Steps to create HFS, FAT, EXFAT file systems on single hard drive
  1. Connect external drive to Mac OS X
  2. Launch the full version of the software
  3. Click Continue on the main UI of the partition manager tool
  4. Select the drive from the left pane of the software interface
  5. Click ADD to create a new partition. In the mini window, choose the file system as HFS. You can Resize the newly created partition as per your requirement.
  6. Again, click ADD to create another new partition. Through the mini-window, select FAT. Resize this partition as per need. (Just as Step 5 & 6, create more partitions of HFSFAT or EXFAT respectively. Again use partition edge to resize the created partitions as per your requirement.)
  7. On the right side of the software pane, you will notice that all actions performed in above seven steps have been pipelined, similar to the batch processing. Now, from the top menu bar of the software interface click Start button. The pipelined tasks begin processing, and the progress bar displays development.
P.S. It is advised not to stop the process in between since doing this will create unrecognized file structure on the said hard disk drive. Also, assure uninterrupted power supply to your Mac OS X.
The message "Process Completed" is displayed when the task get accomplished.
Your external hard disk drive is now mounted on OS X, and all file systems (HFS, EXFAT and FAT) are created. The user can also check the drive information through OS X Disk Utility.
Benefits of multiple file systems on single drive
For those users who work on Mac & PC simultaneously can benefit from Stellar Partition Manager. This Partition Manager tool will allow you to use a single drive for both the operating systems.
Note: Stellar Partition Manager for Mac also resizes Boot Camp partition as well as Macintosh HD so that you can assign proper drive spaces to each OS.


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