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How can I add new file type in Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software?

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Albeit rare, you may find that the software does not support a file type that you need to recover. However, you need not worry in such situations, as this software lets you add a new file type to the predefined list of file formats supported by the tool. You can do this with the help of 'Add Header' feature of the software.

Watch this video on How to add new file header types for recovery in Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software.


Follow the below-mentioned steps to add a new file type:



  • Start 'Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery' software.
  • In the second screen, go to ‘Advanced Settings’.
  • This user interface has 'Add File Type' options.
  • Click 'Add File Type'. The screen that appears after selecting this option is shown as below.

  • Go to the location where the files whose file type is to be added in the list, are stored.
  • Select the file whose file type you want to add, drag and drop this file into the 'Add 10 or more sample files here' section. However, you have to select at least 5 sample files of the same file type (that you want to add) to add this file type in the predefined list.
  • The name of the added file type is listed in the upper right box.
  • Select the category of the added file type from the 'Category' drop-down box.
  • You can also specify the average size of the files corresponding to this file type below 'Average size of files'.
  • After specifying all these parameters, click 'Add Header' button.

With these simple steps, you can add a new file type in the predefined list of file types. You can see the added file type under 'File List' tab provided in 'Advance Option' dialog box of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software.

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June 28, 2013 02:59 pm

Please is this applicable to all files including video files. Most especially AVCHD video files like .mts, .mt2s and the likes.

Amit Pandey
July 1, 2013 03:50 am

"Hi Nuel,

The software supports list of audio and video file types for recovery. All you need is at least 5 similar files whose file types you want to add for recovery.

And yes, the software supports AVCHD video file types of recovery. Do follow all the steps mentioned in the KB articles and reply back if you're facing any problems. I'd be happy to assist you further.



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