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How to Use the Boot DVD Option to Defragment the Mac Drive

Author : Creative Team Updated on May 29, 2015

In the case of Mac, Mavericks provide all the latest features that a system should have. However, like any other systems, the system based on Mavericks also experience some performance related issues. There are various parameters that affect the performance of the system. One of the most common reasons is the tendency of a system to store the files in a fragmented form. A fragmented file requires more access time as the parts of the file are scattered all over the storage space. This slows down the overall performance of the Mac system. Though there are various internal defragmenting mechanisms to improve the performance of the system, most of the time they do not prove to be as efficient as required. In such a case it is required to have a professional and efficient tool to defrag the hard drive.  

Stellar Drive Defrag is a proven and trustworthy tool to boost up your Mac performance. It eases the task of defragmentation by moving scattered files into a single block in a seamless manner. While defragmenting it check and maintain various aspects of the hard drive including the temperature. The tool uses an advanced algorithm and offers three levels of defragmentation; Full Defragmentation, Quick Defragmentation, and Metadata Defragmentation. In addition, there is a life saviour option to create bootable DVD. Using the bootable DVD you can defragment the boot volume of your system. Whereas the Full, Quick, and Metadata defragmentation option allows you to defragment the other volumes.

In order to defrag the startup partition, you need to first create a bootable DVD. However, you can also create a bootable DVD from a stored image.

You need to follow the below mentioned steps, to create a bootable disc for defragmenting the boot volume.

1.     Launch ‘Stellar Drive Defrag’ software.
2.    From the ‘Select Source’ option, choose the boot volume.
3.    In the ‘Layout View’, ensure that the ‘Algorithm selection’ is enabled.
4.    From the algorithm drop-down list, choose the 'required algorithm' option.
5.    Click ‘Defrag Files’ button.
6.    The ‘Bootable DVD’ dialog box is displayed.
7.    Click ‘Continue’.
8.    The ‘Create Bootable DVD’ dialog box is shown.
9.    Click ‘Create Image’ button to collect all the files in the form of an image.
10.    Choose a desired destination to save the created image file.
11.    Click ‘Burn DVD’ button.

Note: You need to insert a blank DVD, in case no DVD is present in the DVD drive. The software reminds you with a popped message to insert a DVD. In such a case you need to continue with the following steps.

12.    Click ‘OK’. This would automatically eject the DVD tray.
13.    Put a blank DVD into the DVD drive.
14.    Click ‘Burn’.
15.    Click ‘Erase’. This would start the process of bootable disk creation.

Note: You can terminate the process anytime in between by clicking the ‘Abort’ button.

16.    The DVD is automatically ejected, once the process is complete.

Once the bootable DVD is created, it can be used to perform defragmentation on the boot volume. This avoids the need to install or use the ‘Stellar Drive Defrag’ software to carry out the boot volume defragmentation. However, there are different ways of using this bootable DVD to boot Mac.

Using the ‘C’ Option to Start the System from DVD

1.    Insert the created bootable DVD in the DVD drive.
2.    Restart the system by keeping the ‘C’ key pressed.
3.    This would allow the system to boot from the bootable DVD.
4.    Click ‘I Agree’ button, on the displayed License Agreement on the screen.
5.    This would initiate the Stellar Drive Defrag application.

Using System Preferences

You can use this option to change the boot preferences of the system. This can be done by following the below mentioned steps in the System Preferences option.
 Note: You can go to the ‘System Preferences’ option by clicking the Apple icon.

1.     Insert the created bootable DVD in the DVD drive.
2.    Choose ‘Startup Disk’ from the System pane.
3.    It displays all the booting options including DVD drive and hard drive.
4.    Choose the DVD drive option, to boot from the bootable DVD.
5.    Click Restart.
6.    Click ‘I Agree’ button, on the displayed License Agreement.
7.    This would automatically open the Stellar Drive Defrag application.

Using the Keyboard Option key

You can use the keyboard’s Option key to start the system with all the boot options. You need to follow the below mentioned steps to change the startup disk using the keyboard option key.

1.    Insert the newly created bootable DVD in the DVD drive.
2.    Reboot the system using the keyboard Option key.
3.    This displays the various booting option including the DVD Drive and the hard drive to boot the computer.
4.    Choose the ‘DVD Drive’ option.
5.    The License Agreement is displayed
6.    Click ‘I Agree’ button.
7.    Stellar Drive Defrag application automatically opens.

In this way you can use the ‘Boot DVD’ option to defrag the boot volume.


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