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Bootable USB/DVD/CD - Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Author : Creative Team on  December 7, 2016

While registering Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software, you can add “Recovery CD” for booting up your inaccessible or crashed Mac OS X (or macOS) and start recovering the files contained in the ‘Macintosh HD’. 

** To include the ‘Recovery CD’, please go to the Mac data recovery utility buy page and tick the check box with text – ‘Add Recovery CD’ and proceed to the registration.

Bootable Mac Data Recovery

Recovery CD contains bootable file along with the copy of the Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. To boot the Mac with the ‘Recovery CD’ you need to follow the below process:

Step 1) Insert the CD into your Mac through the mounted CD/DVD slot or with the help of a portable CD/DVD Writer.

Step 2) Start up your Mac by pressing the power button and immediately press-hold the ‘Option’ key. This will bring up the startup menu from where you can select the ‘Recovery CD’ for booting the Mac.

Step 3) Once the Mac gets booted with the Recovery CD, the recovery software contained within gets launched. Here, the user can select various data recovery options to recover the inaccessible files from the startup disk i.e. Macintosh HD.

No CD DVD Slot or Disk Writer?

Wondering how newer Macs having no built in CD or DVD slot will run the ‘Recovery CD’ to boot and recover Mac hard drive?
Well, after adding ‘Recovery CD’ and registering the software successfully, you can raise a request for the bootable disk image file from the Stellar Data Recovery support through your registered email id. With this image file, you can create a bootable USB with the assistance of the Disk Utility on another Mac OS X. Once a bootable USB is created you can follow the above procedure to boot up Mac and begin recovering the hard drive files.

For further queries, please contact Stellar Data Recovery Support at earliest:

Working Days – 24 X 5 (Monday to Friday)


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