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Stellar Repair for Video cannot save the repaired video file due to disconnection. What can I do?

  August 26, 2021    195 views

Stellar Repair for Video software has repaired your videos but you cannot save the files due to some reason. Disruption during the repaired file saving process could be due to hardware disconnect, OS crash, or other reasons. In any case, you have to again launch the software and repair the videos.

But you can do the following to avoid any disruption while saving the repaired video:

  1. Check your hardware connections, fix card reader, USB port, etc.
  2. Make sure your source corrupt video file is not saved in the external drive, SD card, or USB, etc. Copy it to your computer and then initiate the repair process by using the software.
  3. If there are multiple repaired video files, select and save them one by one or a few videos at time.
  4. If the problem continues, reinstall the software.

If nothing helps, contact Stellar support. You can either call or get go to online support section.

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