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How do I clean Mac Startup disk & secondary partitions with Stellar Speedup Mac?

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How to select & clean Mac Startup volume?

Just launch Stellar Speedup Mac software from Application folder and click the “Rocket Button” to go through next window.


All mounted volumes automatically get listed on the left panel of the software.


Since, it is ‘Recommended Scan’, the Mac Startup disk is selected by default.

Under ‘Recommended Scan’, secondary volumes can’t be selected.

P.S: You may have multiple OS X installed, say 10.8.4 and 10.9.2 on single hard drive. Stellar Speedup Mac software will consider only that drive as ‘Startup disk’ from which the OS X has booted. In the above screenshot, Mac boots into 10.8 so 10.9 will act as secondary volume.

When you are done with the selection of Startup disk, click ‘Start Scan’ button to launch intensive search for junk, caches, system logs, leftover and duplicates files.

                                                                          Startup disk Scan

How to select & clean a secondary partition?

Again start from the drive selection window. This time, switch from ‘Recommended Scan’ to ‘Custom Scan’ to select a secondary partition.


 You can select only one partition at a time for cleanup. Use drop-down menu or mouse pointer to select a volume.

Once a secondary drive is selected, click ‘Start Scan’ to launch intensive search for Universal Binaries, Language Files, Duplicate Files & Large files.


Note: In free version of the software, you can remove Log files, System junks, Trashes & Leftovers, Manage Extensions without registering the software. However, to remove Caches, Universal Binaries, Language files etc., you need to register the software.


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