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How to Convert multiple EDB files with the help of Stellar EDB to PST Converter?

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This Knowledge Base tells you how to convert multiple EDB files with the help of Stellar EDB to PST Converter. However, you can convert both single and multiple Exchange database (EDB) files to Outlook PST files and other available file formats once you have downloaded and registered the software. Well, follow the steps stated below to convert EDB files of Exchange Server. 
  • Launch Stellar EDB to PST Converter software. To do so, double-click on its icon. With this, the interface of the software that provides two modes for EDB to PST conversion process comes up. The two EDB file conversion modes are Offline EDB and Online Exchange options from which you would have to select one.
Note – Select Offline EDB if the EDB file is disconnected or Online Exchange if the EDB file is disconnected. 
  • In the same interface, do the following:
  1. Click Open EDB or Find EDB button. (Note: Click Open EDB if you know the location of the Exchange EDB files that you want to convert. However, in the opposite scenario, i.e. if you do not know the location of the Exchange EDB files, click Find EDB button so that the software starts searching for the Exchange EDB files in the selected drive of your system’s hard drive.)
  2. With Find EDB option, Find EDB File dialog box comes up. Here, choose a drive to search and find EDB file. You can also select ‘Find in Subfolders’ checkbox so that the software search for EDB files in subfolders also. Next, all the EDB files present on the drive you chose is displayed in the Find Results list.
  3. Choose EDB file(s) you wish to convert and click on the Start button so that the converter starts scanning the chosen Exchange database EDB file(s).  
  4. A pop-up message appears to select more EDBs. This option lets you select multiple EDBs. 
  • All the data items of the converted EDB files are listed in the preview pane. Choose a specific folder to preview entire data of the Exchange mailboxes.
  • Finally, by selecting the mailbox data items and clicking on the Save button in the File menu of the software, you can save data of multiple converted EDB files. 
This will save your time by preventing you from going through the conversion process again and again for all Exchange EDB files that you wish to convert.


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