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How to Create Mailbox in Exchange Server

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Stellar Repair for Exchange allows users to create a mailbox on the destination server to export these mailboxes directly from the source server to the destination server. 

Note: Verify the configuration of Exchange Server to create mailboxes.

The following steps will help to create the mailboxes:

  • Open Stellar Repair for Exchange and click Browse to select the EDB file or click Find to locate the EDB file in the available Drives, Folder or Sub-Folder. You can choose multiple EDBs, and all the mailboxes of the selected EDB files can be exported directly to Hosted Exchange server.


  • Click Next to initiate the scanning process. All the scanned EDB files will appear on the software interface.


  • Select the checkbox for the mailboxes to be exported to the destination server.

            Note: You can export multiple mailboxes on the Exchange server by:

  1. Mapping the mailboxes of the source and the destination server
  2. Creating mailbox accounts
  • To Export, all mailboxes to Exchange server, go to the main menu and click Save. A dialog box with Save option opens
  • Select the checkbox for Live Exchange and click Next. A dialog box - Enter Login Credentials will appear.

       Fill in the details for the following:

  1. Server Name
  2. Admin Email ID
  3. Password
  4. Server Version

  • After filling all the details, click OK, and Map Mailbox dialog box will appear. Map Mailbox dialog box contains three columns:
    • Source Mailbox
    • Destination Mailbox
    • Map Mailboxes

  • Select the checkbox for the mailboxes to be mapped and click Export. Alternatively, click Create Mailbox to create a new mailbox for mapping. Create Mailbox dialog box will appear.


  • Click Create New and fill in the details for User Name. Click OK. The software will display the details of the user

            Note: You can edit all the fields in Create Mailbox dialog box: Full Name, Alias Name, Password, and Mailbox Database.

  • Select the checkbox for that user and click OK

           Note: Users should have full data access rights to export data.

           A dialog box will appear with three columns:

  1. Mailbox Name
  2. Status as Created
  3. The result – Mailbox Created Successfully


  • Click OK to conclude.

       Note: Exchange Administrator can verify the created mailbox in Active Directory (AD)

Lists of prerequisites required to create a mailbox on the destination server.


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