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How to Remove Duplicate Videos and Pictures from Mac Hard Drive

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Duplicate videos and pictures consume unnecessary space on your Mac, which could have been, otherwise utilized by other useful files and folders. By the use of Stellar SpeedUp Mac software, you can get them removed effectively from your Mac. Moreover, once you remove the duplicate videos and files, the speed of your Mac increases considerably by reclaiming free disk spaces. 

All you need to do is to download, install, register, and launch the software correctly on your Mac. To configure the tool properly on your Mac, it must fulfill the following system requirements:

Processor :Intel 

Memory: 1GB 

Hard Disk: 55 MB of free space

Operating System: OS X El Capitan 10.11, Yosemite 10.10, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6

Let's now look at the step-by-step process to remove duplicate files such as videos and pictures from your Mac using Stellar SpeedUp Mac software:

Step 1) Start the software.


Step 2) Click on SpeedUp Mac that is present on the top toolbar. 


Stellar Speedup Mac


Step 3) In the menu, click on the Preferences option to set your preferences for removing duplicate videos and pictures. With this, a ‘Preferences’ screen opens up. 


(i) In the General section, uncheck all options except Duplicate Files for both ‘Recommended Scan’ as well as ‘Custom Scan


Duplicate file finder Mac


(ii) Go to the Files section and click on the Duplicate Files tab. 


a) From the Enter Filter Basis list box, select Graphic Files to include all Graphic file formats in the list. Then, click on the [+] button to select Movie Files. Follow the same process to add Sound Files. Next, check the option ‘Scan for these files only.’ To remove duplicate videos and pictures, you can also add other types of files and check the option ‘Scan excluding these files'.


b) In the right pane of the interface, enter the preferred size of the file in the ‘Find Duplicate File(s) with size greater than’ box so as to scan the files only whose size is greater than the specified size. 


(iii) Next, either select Quick Scan or Strict Scan to scan for duplicate pictures and videos by placing a check mark at either of the two options as per you want. 


(iv) Check ‘Do not scan Applications’ checkbox if you do not want to scan the applications.


(v) Click on the OK tab to save the preferred options. From the main UI of the software, click Speedup Now (Rocket Button)

remove duplicate videos

Step 4) Check the Recommended Scan box if you want to remove duplicate files only from the boot volume, or check Custom Scan box if you want to remove duplicate files from volumes other than the boot volume. 


Step 5) Click on the Start Scan tab. 


start scan


Step 6) A message box with Show Scan Result and SpeedUp Now tabs will come up. 


Speedup Mac Now


Step 7) Click on the Show Scan Result to view the scan result, or click SpeedUp Now to remove duplicate pictures and videos. 


delete all Mac duplicates


Step 8) If you choose SpeedUp Now, you will get a warning sign for backing up your data that you can ignore; and click on Proceed if you are sure to remove all duplicate picture and video files.  


Clean Mac Duplicate Files




Once you run the above-mentioned steps sequentially, you will get rid of all duplicate videos and pictures on your Mac. The tool provides you several other features so as to stop scanning and rescan, select other preferences, etc. Therefore, depending on your choice, you can personalize the Stellar SpeedUp Mac tool to run your Mac at a high speed. 




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