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Difference between Corporate and Technician version - Stellar Converter for OST

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Stellar Converter for OST software converts the OST files into accessible PST files. The software is available in two different editions –

  • Stellar Converter for OST – Corporate Edition
  • Stellar Converter for OST – Technician Edition

The differences between Corporate and Technician Editions of the software are broadly categorized into:

  1. Licenses
  2. Functionality
  3. Saving options

Find the differences in detail:

  1. Licenses:

Both Corporate and Technical Editions of the software are available with lifetime License, but the primary difference is - Corporate edition is available for a Single System and hence appropriate for single user, and Technician edition is available for Multiple Systems, meaning good for medium and large sized Corporates.

  1. Functionality:


  1. Split and Compact Converted PST
  2. Technician edition Compacts and Splits the converted file. Large OST files are converted into PST and saved after splitting these into small PSTs.
  3. Similarly, Stellar Converter for OST - Technician compacts the PST files while saving these files


  1. Batch Conversion

Stellar Converter for OST – Technician, supports Batch Conversion -

  1. Forms a Batch File of multiple OSTs and saves these into corresponding PSTs
  2. Saves converted PST files in a batch at Source Destination through ‘Convert Mailbox’ option. Select a preferred location to save the converted PSTs at the selected location.
  3. Splits multiple PSTs through ‘Split by Date’ and ‘Split by Size’ options to allow users to Split and Save numerous PSTs as per choice


  1. Saving Options:


Stellar Converter for OST – Corporate edition allows users to save the converted Outlook Data file into MSG, EML, RTF, HTML, and PDF formats. However, in addition to these saving options, the Stellar Converter for OST – Technician edition also saves the converted files into the following formats –


  1. Saves converted files into DBX format
  2. Saves converted files into MBOX format
  3. Exports Contacts in the converted file directly into CSV format
  4. Exports straight to MS Office 365

Stellar Converter for OST – Corporate and Technician editions are user specific. Try the one which suits best.


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Stellar Converter for OST Stellar Converter for OST Software converts inaccessible OST into Outlook-importable PST file. All OST components including emails attachments, contacts, calendars etc. are converted into equivalent PST.

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