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What is the Difference between Standard Scan and Advanced Scan?

  December 22, 2021    502 views

Stellar Repair for MS SQL software has two scan modes:

Standard Scan – Scans and repairs a corrupt SQL database (MDF) file relatively faster than Advanced Scan. It is the recommended mode for scanning and fixing corruption in the database file.

Note: If running Standard Scan does not give you expected results, you can rescan the database (MDF) file using Advanced Scan.

Advanced Scan – You can switch to Advanced Scan if your database file is severely corrupt and you fail to get satisfactory results using Standard Scan. This option thoroughly scans the corrupt MDF file for better and reliable repair results. However, the software may take a considerable amount of time to complete the advanced scan process.



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Stellar Repair for MS SQL Stellar Repair for MS SQL is most recommended software by MSSQL Administrators. The Software fixes corrupt SQL database files and recovers inaccessible objects to save business data.

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