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What is the different between SOHO, Technician & Toolkit?

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MS Excel is a major component of the MS Office suite that stores a large amount of data in the form of rows and columns. Although reliable, yet at times it does turn corrupt, therefore calling for an immediate repair. You can repair this by employing Stellar Repair for Excel. It has two versions - SOHO and Technician and you can use either of the two to repair your corrupt Excel file.

The difference between SOHO, Technician, and Toolkit version of the >Excel repair software that specializes in repairing the damaged MS Excel XLS and XLSX files is described at length in this article.

The SOHO or Single User license of the software can be used only on a single system. Its Technician license can be used on multiple systems in multiple locations. The difference between the two is shown in the table below:

                          SOHO                     Technician


You can install it only on Single system

You can install it only on Single system






With Stellar Repair for Excel SOHO and Stellar Repair for Excel Technician you can repair only MS Excel files while with SOHO- Stellar Toolkit for File Repair and Stellar Toolkit for File Repair Technician, you can repair MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint as well as Zip files. The table below highlights the differences more clearly: The SOHO or Single User license of the software is available in two versions - SOHO-Excel Repair and SOHO-File Repair Toolkit. Its Technician license is available as Technician-Excel Repair and Technician-File Repair Toolkit.



SOHO-Excel Repair & Technician-Excel Repair               


SOHO-File Repair Toolkit & Technician-File Repair Toolkit       

MS Excel                            Yes Yes

MS Word   

No Yes

MS PowerPoint   

No Yes


No  Yes













Now that you are aware of the difference between the SOHO and Technician version of the Stellar Repair for Excel software, you can download and use either of them depending on your need.  It is an easy-to-use tool that you can use on your own without any external support


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