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What are the different options for selecting a corrupt InterBase database file?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 15, 2015

Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase enables you to manually select the corrupt database file for repair or search for InterBase '.IB' files in a specific logical drive in your system. The latter option is best applicable when you forget the exact location of the file. This gives you the ability to quickly find the corrupt file in any folder, subfolder, or volume. The following two procedures will describe how you can easily select or search InterBase databases for repair using Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase:

Select corrupt InterBase database through Select button:

  Launch Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase. You will see the main interface with a dialog box.
  In the dialog box, click on 'Select File' button. An 'Open' dialog box will appear on the screen.
  In this dialog, browse and locate the corrupt InterBase database. Click 'Open'.
  The path of the selected file will be displayed in the 'Select File Path' text box as shown.

Select corrupt InterBase database through Search button:

  In case you forget the location of the corrupt file, you can search for the file using 'Search Files' option.
  In the dialog box that appears along with the main interface, choose a logical drive in the 'Look In' dropdown menu. You can also specify a folder for searching InterBase files by clicking 'Select Folder' button in the same dialog box. Mark 'Search in subfolders' checkbox for searching in subfolders within the selected folder.
  The software lists all the files found in the grid at the bottom. 
  Choose a file to be repaired from this list. 
  The path of the selected file will appear in the 'Select File Path' text box. 


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