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Drive becomes inaccessible and couldn't be read by the BIOS after accidentally dropping it. What should I do now?

July 30, 2018     4983 views     0     0

As your hard drive is not recognized by BIOS, the system won't boot (if this is the boot drive). A Boot DVD is bundled with the box version of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Pro. You can use this DVD to boot your system. Run the software and then recover all data to an external media.

When you boot from this disc, you will be presented with the main screen of Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Choose the most appropriate option to recover data of your dead or corrupt drive. 


Another easy way out of this is to detach the troubled hard drive from your computer (if at all possible) and attach it to another Windows system having Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery preinstalled. You can run the software and carry out the normal procedure to recover data from your hard drive that is now acting as an external drive on the second computer.


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