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Steps to extract thumbnails of JPEG Photos using Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 12, 2016

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is proficient in repairing JPEG files, and then extracting the respective thumbnails of these images. If you require only the thumbnail images, you can use this tool. If a JPEG file has multiple thumbnails, these are numbered as 'Filename_T1', 'Filename_T2', and so on.

Steps to extract thumbnails of JPEG files using Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair:

Start Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair Mac. Click the 'Add File' button on the main screen.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair Mac - start screen

Click '+' button on the next screen to add a JPEG file to be scanned for extracting thumbnails. You can select multiple JPEG files. Click '-' button to remove a JPEG file from the displayed list.

Select the desired JPEG files in the list and click 'Repair' at the bottom.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair Mac - add files

The software starts repairing JPEG files and extracting their respective thumbnails. Once the process is completed, all the thumbnails found are listed in the main interface for preview.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG repair - see preview

Select the thumbnails you need to save and click 'Save' button. A dialogue box will appear. Provide a location to save the selected thumbnails and click 'OK'.

After completion of the process, you receive a dialogue box displaying a confirmation message. You can click the link provided in the dialogue to go to the folder containing the extracted thumbnails.


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October 12, 2017 03:25 pm

My images say invalid file is there anything I can do?

October 12, 2017 05:22 pm

If the files are not being added it means either you are trying the wrong file formats, else the files are severely corrupted, repairing is not possible


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