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Factors Affecting Successful Data Recovery on Windows Computers

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Although managing disk partitions is not difficult to perform, it sometimes leads to deadly issues like partition loss or corruption when you do not have plenty of expertise in disk management on manual basis. Stellar Data Recovery software turns out to be efficient when you are not sure about your ability to perform disk management tasks. To enlighten the key features of this data recovery software, let us put it into practice over partition loss scenario and discuss the factors that improve and cut down the chances of successful data recovery.

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Inefficient Partitions Management causing Data Loss
Windows file system does not allow modifying partitions once you create them, especially when they contain data. In other words, you can delete one partition and create two instead (or vice-versa) with Disk Management system utility. However, make sure the partition to delete contains no data in order to avoid data loss. In spite of taking immense care while managing disk partitions, sometimes one or more of the partitions get lost and cause data loss. This usually happens due to carelessness or lack of expertise in disk management.

Well, apart from the aforementioned data loss scenario, users often lose their crucial files due to virus or malware infections, file system corruption, or in scenarios, such getting some important files deleted unintentionally.

Factors Affecting Recovery
Though lost or deleted files’ recovery is feasible, some factors minimize the chances of recovery, while some factors affect the recovery process positively. They increase the odds for recovery.

Factors Reducing Recovery Chances
The causes of data loss more or less affect the recovery, some negatively affecting factors are:

1. You lost or deleted the files long time ago, but could not recover them then.
2. You ignored data loss and kept using the drive for further storage.
3. You had been deleting the unwanted files making room for saving new files.
4. The hard drive is old and showing the signs of corruption or failure.
5. You defragmented the hard drive recently.
6. Your camera did ‘zero out’ the space after the photos lost or deleted.

Factors Increasing Recovery Chances
Some factors positively affect the odds for data recovery and ease the recovery process. Find them below:

1. You lost or deleted files and realized it instantly.
2. The storage media, i.e. the hard drive, SD card, or flash drive concerning data loss is not used for further storage.
3. The storage media is completely fine and is ready for recovery.
4. The concerned media had enough free space available before recovery.
5. You did not defragment the media after data loss occurred.
6. The recovery software is efficient and reliable.

Recover Lost Data

Stellar Data Recovery software features recovering lost partitions on Windows-based computers. Post to that, you can recover lost data out of the recovered lost partitions just as you do that in case of existing partitions.

For recovery of lost partitions on the Windows-based drive, launch Stellar Data Recovery software, Select “All Data” and click on “Next” button. After this Click on 'Can’t Find Drive' option Under Select Location Section and Click on ‘Scan’, button. After clinking on Scan button, you will see ‘Select hard drive to Search Lost Partition’ option. Just select the hard drive from which you want to search the lost volume and click on Search button. Once software completes the searching process, it will list all the found volumes under the Partition Found section. You can select the desired volume to recover your data. In addition, You can use deep scan option, in case you don’t find the lost volume with normal scanning.

Important: Keep both positive and negative factors in mind and use a secondary drive to save recovered data.


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Lowell Cross
February 27, 2019 05:53 pm

I am trying to recover a drive and when I choose the location drive as the destination to save to it is telling me there is not enough available space. C drive only has 61GB and the external drive that I am trying to save to has 500GB of available space.


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