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How to Find and List all Access Database Files Present in the System Using Access Database Repair Software?

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With Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair software, you can find all MDB and ACCDB files of the MS Access database present in the system. To do so, the software provides you with the Find File feature. This feature allows you to find files in drives, folders, and sub folders. Nonetheless, you need to select one drive at a time to search and find the files. This feature is exceedingly helpful in situations you do not know the location of the corrupt Access database files that you wish to repair.

Well, the complete steps to find MS Access MDB and ACCDB files with the help of this software are as follows:

To find files execute the following: 

  1. In the File menu on the menu bar of the software interface, click on the Select Database option. With this, Stellar Phoenix Access Database Repair dialog box opens.
  1. From Look in drop-down menu select any logical drive and click on the Find Files tab. On doing so, the software starts searching the MDB and ACCCB files of MS Access database.

Find File

Figure: Find File Option

  1. After some time on completion of the search process the software lists all MDB and ACCDB files found in the selected drive. It also provides information about the number of files found. In the table enlisting Access database files you can scroll up and down to find the file.

On execution of the above-stated steps, you can find and list all Access database files. Further, you can select the corrupt file that you wish to repair and click on the Repair tab to recover all the database objects.


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