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How to fix “Invalid B-tree node size” Error with Stellar Volume Repair

Author : Creative Team Updated on January 12, 2018

You can conveniently repair Mac hard drive error 'Invalid B Tree Node Size' with the help of Stellar Volume Repair application. Moreover, this software helps you fix other such errors such as Invalid Node Structure and much more.

What is Invalid B-Tree Node Size problem?

"Invalid B-tree node size. This disk needs to be repaired." – It's an error that appears when there exists corruption of the directory structure on your hard drive or partition. The Mac's Disk Utility reports this error when the First-Aid is applied on your Mac hard drive. Unfortunately, the Disk Utility can't fix this problem and it only reports you to backup the data and repair your drive.

Repairing "Invalid B-tree node size" Problem

Thankfully, Stellar Volume Repair can overcome & repair the issue of Invalid B-tree node size. Below are the mentioned steps that will help you do so:

Step 1) Download and install Stellar Volume Repair on your Mac

Step 2) Go to ‘Select Volume to Repair’

Step 3) Chose your partition or drive which you need to repair.

Note 1: If your chosen partition is a non-startup disk then simply press the Repair button. Doing so, will rebuild the corrupt directory structure and subsequently the software will resolve the problem of Invalid B-tree node size on your hard drive.

Note 2: However, if your chosen drive or partition is a startup-disk then you first need to create a bootable USB with Stellar Volume Repair software. Here is a guide for creating a bootable USB with Stellar Volume Repair. Boot your Mac with the bootable USB and follow the below steps:

Step 4) Chose your partition or drive from the volume list and press Repair button

Step 5) Stellar Volume Repair will analyze the problem and will fix the directory structure of your drive. Please allow the software to do so. Once the process is over, you can reuse your drive or partition like before.

This is how easily you can fix or repair the issue of Invalid B-tree node size on your Mac startup-disk or secondary partitions.


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