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How to fix Invalid Database Version error of the software?

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Stellar Repair for MS SQL software prompts Invalid database version error due to following reasons:

  1. SQL Database version is not the same as selected from the given options. Refer to the image below: MS SQL Server version should be selected carefully. If the version you are using is different from what is selected, then this error is displayed. 
  2. SQL Database is updated but the user is not aware. This mostly happens when the SQL database is set for Automatic update. 

Figure 1: Figure illustrates selection of invalid database version


Check if SQL database is updated. Sometimes, the SQL Database is set as ‘Auto-update’ and the user is not aware whether the database is updated. In that case, the selected SQL-version does not match with the available version.

If the SQL database is not updated, check the database version options, one by one, as available in the above-mentioned image and select the right version to resolve the invalid database version error. 


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