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Free Download Software to Perform Formatted Drive Recovery?

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Hi, last week I was trying to resize my hard drive partitions and in that mess, I have accidentally formatted an important partition. As this partition was pretty big and carry large number of important files with it, I cannot afford to lose it. The stored data was crucial and I have to find it anyhow, I’ve no options to recover my data, please help so I can recover formatted hard drive.

Recovery of formatted hard drive partition is one of the most difficult and complicated process. However, using recovery tools might be of great help and helps you recover important files that you've badly needed. You can use Stellar Partition Recovery software to find and recover lost or formatted partitions from various situations of tragic data loss. This tool is equipped with multiple recovery modules and address different type of partition loss cases.

Search and Scan for Lost Volumes from Your Hard Disk

Stellar Partition Recovery is an all-in-one solution for all data loss cases. It efficiently recovers all the lost and deleted partitions on your hard drive in few simple steps. You can start scanning the whole drive or any particular region to find lost and deleted volumes. When scanning of selected drive is completed, you will get a list of partitions that is lost or deleted somehow. Later, you can chose any of your desired partition and start the recovery process.


Note: This hard drive partition recovery software offers real time preview of lost or deleted partitions even when the scanning is performed. You can stop or abort the scanning partition at mid or whenever you found the partitions you’re looking for.

The steps to recover data from formatted partition are as follows:

  • Run Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows software. You’ll find the main interface of the software.

  • Here, you can select any data file which you want to recover. Click on Next. You will reach to ‘Select Location’ interface where you can select a location from where you can retrieve your data.

  • After selecting a particular location, click on Scan.
  • The Scan option will permit you to see the Time Elapsed and the Time Left.

  • You can turn ON/OFF the preview depending upon your choice.
  • After the completion of the Scanning process, you’ll get to find your files/folders listed under the File Type, Tree View and the Deleted List.

  • Select the desired file and press Save. This will ask you for the Destination Location where you can save your recovered file.
  • Select a destination location and start using your recovered file with the help of this software.

How Data Recovery is Possible from a Formatted Drive

When you format a storage drive, the OS only erases the file address table and mark the place empty. The actual data remains untouched in the same location, even when you perform Quick format or full format, i,e. regular & complete formatting. The Stellar Windows Data Recovery software is developed with very efficient algorithm, which help you to recover your completely lost and formatted partitions with ease.

What is a Format?
An operating system or file system provides formatting option to create a new logical volume or delete an old partition if it is required. In case you want to remove current data or want to initialize the hard drive, you can simply format it to use it again. It will create a blank and empty disk and new address table, where you can write a new data.

However, when a disk appears to be empty after formatting, the actual data is still remains in the same location, and replace the originally data by overwriting. Therefore, when you accidentally format a hard drive, there are still chances of recovery until you have not used the hard drive to store new data.

Note: If you can recover data from your accidentally formatted hard drive, stop using it as overwritten data can never be recovered by any software. 


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