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My hard drive is not displayed in Stellar Windows Data Recovery. How can I recover my data?

July 30, 2018     1116 views     0     0

If your hard drive is listed in disk management then only it will be displayed in Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro software. If hard drive is not displayed in disk management then it indicates that your hard drive is physically damaged. You can be sure about physical damage if it is making clicking or grinding sound. Please note that in case of data loss due to physical damage, no software can help you recover the inaccessible data.

It is advised that in case of physical damage, DO NOT attempt data recovery of your own or through inexperienced technicians. It will lead to further damage of your hard drive, rendering it unused for data recovery services at our data recovery lab. Please send us your contact details with description of exact problem at so that Stellar Data Recovery Experts can speak to you to provide more details of physical recovery process of your hard drive.


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