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How do video files get damaged?

  August 18, 2021    482 views

Stored in camera, smartphone, memory card, USB, PC, or Mac, etc., video files can get corrupt or damaged anytime. The sudden video loss due to file corruption can be frustrating.

It’s essential that you are aware about the common causes of video damage, to prevent video loss at first place.

A video file has various structural elements like file header, data, frame, sound sections, movement, and slider, etc. They contain media format, codecs, indexes, and metadata information required to play a video. When any of these parts in a file get damaged or go missing, your video won’t open, throw errors, become unreadable, or play improperly.

Usually, any kind of disruption during read/write process can corrupt a video file. But there are various other reasons that can result in damage of videos.

Some common causes of video corruption are:

  1. Sudden camera shutdown while viewing videos
  2. Power cut or improper computer shutdown while downloading/saving/watching/editing/ processing the video file.
  3. Sudden device disconnect or incomplete video file transfer from camera to PC or memory card, etc.
  4. Virus attack or malware in the system
  5. Incorrect video file extension
  6. Corruption or bad sectors in the storage drive
  7. Physical damage to storage drives due to heat, moisture, water, etc.
  8. Operating system crash
  9. Recording videos at low camera battery
  10. Removing the SD card from camera or computer while in use
  11. Improperly inserting or removing the memory card from computer

Video corruption can make your files unusable. But you can prevent file corruption by carefully managing your videos stored in PC, Mac, Android, DSLR, SD card, USB, CF card, SSD, etc.

Plus, always maintain videos backup. Further, in case of video corruption, you can trust Stellar Repair Video. It can fix corrupt files in most of the situations.


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