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What is PDD file format and how PDD files become corrupt?

Author : Creative Team on  March 25, 2013

PDD is a layered format used for image files created with Adobe PhotoDeluxe. This format uses a similar file structure as the PSD format (the native file format for Photoshop files). Adobe PhotoDeluxe was replaced by Adobe Photoshop Elements in 2002. Since then, PDD is used as a secondary format for Photoshop files. This format stores all the layer data you create while working with the image in PDD file. The image data is stored in 8 bits per channel, 16 bits per channel, and 32 bits per channel in a PDD file. 

PDD files suffer from corruption in the same way as PSD files. Some of the major reasons for PDD file corruption are as follows:

 Virus infection 
 Bad or corrupt disk
 System crash
 Hardware Failure

In the event that your PDD files become corrupt, you can use Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair to fix this corruption and get a clean PDD file containing all the original layer data with properties. 


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