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How Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery recovers password in less time options to narrow the search time even further?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 24, 2013

For fast and efficient recovery of PDF passwords, this PDF password recovery utility provides various options, such as Password Length, Masking Characters, Starting Character, Character Set etc.

Password Length: When you finish selecting the PDF file, Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery allows you to specify the minimum and maximum length of the password. This password length minimizes the search volume to a great extent, when the software tries to recover the password using various character sets.

Starting Characters:  Here, you can specify the starting character of the password, if you remember and it can be a great help to retrieve the password quickly.

Masking Characters:  If you do not remember the starting characters of the password, but you can remember the password length exactly and some characters in the password, you can mask the unknown characters with a '?' symbol. With this masking option, the software finds out only the unknown characters represented by the '?' symbols and checks the set of characters, which significantly decreases the search time.

Character Set:  If you do not remember anything exactly about the password, still you can specify the character sets, which you may think be present in the password. The software provides a long range of character sets to choose from  (a-z), (A-Z), (0-9), Space, All printable and alpha numeric symbols (@,!,$ etc.).

Apart from all these options, this wonderful utility maintains a dictionary of its own, listing all saved passwords on your system, possible combination's of passwords and previously searched passwords. If you are searching for a password, which you have searched previously, with 'Dictionary Attack' method, the software recovers the PDF password almost instantly.

Note:The passwords in the internally dictionary of the software are saved in an unreadable format and only used by the software internally, while recovering the PDF password. These saved passwords cannot be accessed from the dictionary manually.


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