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How to add a new partition using Stellar Partition Manager?

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There are many situations, when you need to add/create new partitions to your Mac hard drive. You may have bought a new hard drive and want separate partitions or volumes to store different categories of data in an organized manner. Also, there are situations, when you need to make new partitions from the scattered free space in the hard drive or by deleting any existing partition.
In any such situation, you can take the help of Stellar Partition Manager utility to make new partitions/volumes. Partition Manager is a wonderful utility that can help you manage your Mac partitions or volumes. The software provides options to Add Partitions, Format Partitions, Delete Partitions and Hide/Reveal Partitions.

Steps to add/create new partition, using Partition Manager:

  • Launch Stellar Partition Manager software. The main interface will show all the hard drives connected to your mac system. Select the Hard Drive, in which you want to add a new partition.
  • Click the Add button from the toolbar. The Add New Volume dialog box will be displayed.
  • Provide the Volume Name and define the Volume Size of the new partition/volume by moving the slider.Click the check button.
  •  The new partition with the specified details will get added to the Task to do list in right pane. Click  the Start button to execute the listed tasks.

Note: You can create more than one partition with a single go. All partitions will be added to the Task to do list and will be started one by one.

  •   A message box will be displayed to take proper backup of your important data before proceeding.
  •  Click the Continue button. The process will start and after completion of the process, the newly added partition will get listed in the middle pane of the interface, along with other partitions.

Stellar Partition Manager  is an absolutely risk-free utility and you can use it, without worrying about the safety of your data in the hard drive. Moreover, the software is very much friendly and with highly interactive graphical user interfaces, even a novice user can use the software, without any further assistance.


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What is the max partition size that I can create using this software?


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