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How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

  November 24, 2020    386 views

If you have created a video to upload on YouTube and want to add subtitles to it, use Stellar Converter for Audio Video.

The easy-to-use software allows you to add English language subtitles using SRT files created using TextEdit/ Notepad/ or Notepad++.

First, translate your YouTube video’s audio into text and create a transcript. Next, make an SRT file to add subtitles with the help of the audio video converter software.

How to create a .SRT file:


YouTube subtitle SRT file Notepad screenshot
Figure: SRT file text in Notepad
  • After, you create a transcript of your video, open TextEdit/ Notepad/ Notepad++ on your computer.
  • In the Notepad file, type “1” for the first caption in sequence. Press Enter.
  • Type the beginning and end time in the below format: hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds ––> hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds
  • Press Enter. Write your caption. Try to limit it to a 32-character.
  • Press Enter. Again press Enter to leave a blank line before the second caption.
  • Type “2”. Write the second caption in sequence using the same format
  • Repeat the steps to further complete your video transcript.
  • Next go to File > Save to save the file.
  • Enter file name and use .srt as the file extension.
  • Under Save as type, select All Files. Click Save

Step-by-step: Add subtitle to YouTube video with software:

  • Download the YouTube video to which you want to add subtitles and save it in your local or external drive.
  • Create the SRT file in TextEdit or Notepad.
  • Download Stellar Converter for Audio Video on your computer.
  • Click on Add File to insert the YouTube video file.
  • Click on Edit
Edit video to add subtitles
Figure: Edit option to add subtitles
  • Click the Subtitle tab.
  • Across Select SRT File box, click on the 3 dots. Browse to add the SRT file that you created.
Subtitle window- in software
Figure: Subtitle window in software
  • The subtitles will automatically appear in the video preview. Select the desired font style, size, and color of the text.
  • Click Apply and then OK to save the video settings.

You can now upload your video with subtitles on YouTube.


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