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How to Export Data from PC to iPhone

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Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone has an export feature that allows you to transfer data files to iPhone from your Windows PC.

The software supports export of Photos, Videos, Audio, Contact, Calendar, Notes and Safari Bookmarks.

You can select the specific files and transfer them from PC to iPhone.

Steps to Export data from PC to iPhone

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable
  2. Run Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone on your Windows PC
  3. On the software home screen, select the Export file to iPhone icon in the top menu bar
  4. A new window appears. Select the target file, which you want to import to your iPhone. Click on the Browse icon (3 dots) in front of the supported file type. Browse to add the desired files.
  5. Click OK. Preview the added files.
  6. Select all or specific files you want to import and click Transfer to iPhone
  7. A dialog box shows the progress of the transfer process. To stop the process, you can click Stop button
  8. A dialog prompts Data Saved Successfully after successful transfer

Your iPhone data gets successfully transferred from PC to iPhone.



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September 22, 2019 06:55 pm

We paid for this today to recover photos and it says it’s successfully installed to the iPhone - but where are the pictures? They’re not in photos where I would expect them to be on the phone?

Stellar support
September 23, 2019 10:32 am


Thank you for contacting Stellar Data Recovery.

We have sent you an email for the same query. Please reply us for the further assistance.

Warm Regards,

Stellar Data Recovery


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