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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery gets stuck at the same stage every time I perform the scan on my SD Card. How can I complete the scan on my card?

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Software is getting stuck at the same stage as there are bad sectors in the hard drive. There is Create Image option in the software to recover the data from the media that has developed bad sectors.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery creates sector by sector image of the selected media that can be used to recover data. You can also select range of the selected media to create an image.

Please follow the below mentioned steps to create an image:

Step 1: Select Create Image option from the main user interface screen.
Step 2: Select the drive / volume for which you wants to create an image.
Step 3: Click Advanced Settings button to select range of media to create image for a specified region.
Step 4: Click Continue button and specify a location for saving the image file. The software starts creating image of the selected drive / volume. After the process is finished, image file is saved at the specified location.

Note: Specify a different location other than the source drive to save image file. Specifying source drive as destination may lead to data loss.

Once image is created then you can use Resume Recovery option from the main window of the software to recover the data from the created image file.

Kindly follow the below mentioned steps to recover the data from the image file:

Step 1: Click on Resume Recovery button on the main user Interface.
Step 2: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery window opens. This window contains list of image file existing in the system. 
Step 3: Select Images tab and click on desired file from the list and click on Scan button.
Step 4: Once the scanning is completed then you can click on Recover button to and specify location where recovered files / folders have to be saved. Files / folders are recovered at the specified location.


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Ansel Radway
March 6, 2018 12:12 pm

I am using the Windows Data Recovery Pro version, and I completed my scan and I unchecked all. Then I proceeded to only check the folders that I wanted to recover. While doing that, the program froze. If I close the program and open it again, will I have to rescan my drive? I have a 1TB drive and it took 2 days to scan and I wouldn't want to do it again. Thanks in advance for your help


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