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How to repair corrupted Index-Organized Tables using Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 15, 2015

Index-Organized Table (or IOT) is a table that uses B-tree index structure for data storage.

They are different from heap-organized tables that keep rows in an unsorted order. IOT indexes maintains a primary key order and contain every column of the table. Hence, all rows can be accessed through logical rowid, instead of the physical rowid used in heap-organized tables.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an eminent tool that supports recovery of all types of IOT tables, i.e. simple IOT, IOT that use Overflow Data Segment, etc. The software performs comprehensive scan of the corrupt Oracle database to retrieve various Oracle objects with their original structure and formatting. The competent utility supports all versions of Oracle, including Oracle 11g, 10g, and 9i. 

You need to follow the steps given below to repair your corrupt Oracle database and recover all inaccessible IOT tables:

 Run Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery. You will see the main interface of the software along with a dialog box that includes options to select or search Oracle databases in the system.
 After you select database, click Scan File to begin the scan process. Once the scan is completed, all recoverable objects are displayed in a tree view in the left pane of the interface. 
 You can select any object from the left pane to see its preview in the right pane.
 Select the objects you need to recover and click Start Repair icon on the tool-bar to initiate the Oracle recovery process. A dialog box is displayed on the screen that contains steps to be performed further. 
 Provide the user name, password, and path of the blank Oracle database that you have recently created.
 After establishing a safe connection, the software restores all the recovered objects to the blank database.


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