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How to recover pdf document password? Can I recover the owner password?

Author : Creative Team on  December 27, 2011

Forgetting the PDF password or losing the document, containing the password is a common incident. Without the password you cannot access the PDF document and all your important data in it becomes inaccessible.

In such incidents of data loss or inaccessibility due to forgotten password, Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery can be immensely useful in recovering the lost User Password and resetting the Owner Password of PDF files. The software supports all major Acrobat PDF versions, starting from 2.0 to 9.0 and recovers PDF passwords efficiently.

How to recover PDF password, using Stellar Phoenix PDF recovery:

1)  Run Stellar Phoenix PDF Recovery software and click the 'Open File' icon on the top left corner of the interface.

2)  Select the PDF file, whose password you want to recover.

3)  If you can remember, under 'Password Length' section, provide the minimum and maximum length of the password.

4)  Under 'Mask' section, provide the starting character of the password, if you can remember. If you still remember some of the characters in the password and the password length, choose the option 'Mask Characters' and place a '?' symbol in place of the unknown character.

5)  Under 'Character Set' section, check-mark the characters, which may be there in the password.

6)  Click the 'Start' button to initiate the PDF password recovery process.

7)  The software applies the 'Brute Force Attack' and 'Dictionary Attack' techniques to recover the lost password. A process dialog box opens and shows various information about the recovery process, such as 'Process started on', 'Maximum Completion time', 'Password to open', 'Current speed', and the password search technique.

8)  On successful completion of the process, another dialog box opens, showing the 'Acrobat PDF User Password'. If the PDF document is protected with Owner Password, then the dialog box shows a button 'Decrypt File'.

9)  Click the 'Decrypt File' to remove all security permissions and you can reset PDF password afresh.

Note: A Log Report is generated about the recovery process. You can save the report for future reference.


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