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How to repair a corrupt Interbase (.IB) database?

Author : Creative Team Updated on December 15, 2015

Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase is a blend of advanced and easy-to-use features for repairing corrupt database files creating using IB console. The software is adept at dealing with and resolving the most complex cases of InterBase database corruption, including server crashes, disabled forced writes, mismatched connection strings, metadata changes during database usage, etc. The interface is intuitively designed to make sure recovery takes minimum time and effort. 

You need to consider a few things before performing database repair using Stellar Phoenix Repair for Interbase:

 You should have InterBase pre-installed in your system before starting with the repair process.
 Start the services of InterBase before running the software for repair.
 You need to create a blank InterBase database using IB Console to save all the recovered data.

Listed below is the detailed procedure to repair any corrupt InterBase database using Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase:

  Start Stellar Phoenix Repair for InterBase software. The main interface of the software appears along with a dialog box.
  In the dialog box, click 'Select File' to manually select an InterBase database file for repair. If you forget the location of your database, use 'Search Files' option to locate the file in any specific folder, subfolder, or drive. After selecting the file, click 'Scan' button at the bottom in the same dialog box. 
  The software starts scanning the selected database and lists all the recovered objects in a tree-like structure inside the left pane. 
  When you select an object in the tree, the software displays its preview in the right pane. For database tables, the software displays the table data, its properties, and all keys and constraints applied to the selected table. 
  Click 'Start Repair' button on the toolbar to start the repair process. A user authentication dialog box is displayed. Click 'Browse' button in this dialog box to specify the path of the newly created blank InterBase database. Provide the user name and password for the new database and click 'OK'. 
  After completion of the process, the software saves all the recovered database objects to the specified database. 


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