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How can I use the cloning and imaging features of the Drive Clone module?

Author : Creative Team Updated on May 29, 2015

Stellar Drive Clone in Drive Toolbox is an immensely useful Mac utility that allows you to create an exact copy of your Mac hard drive.
If you have a fear of losing your important data to hard drive failure, then you can use this Drive Clone tool to clone your Mac hard drive or volume and restore the lost data, in case of media failure.

Open the 'Drive Clone' module of Stellar DriveTools 2.0. This module provides you with the following three options: Clone and Imaging, Restore and Tools.

Clone and Imaging: Click on the 'Cloning & Imaging' option that helps you to create a clone or image of your Mac hard drive or volume. This tab provides you the following two options:

1 - Clone
2 - Image

Clones your entire Mac hard disk or selected volume.
Select the source drive to be cloned and also specify the destination to save the cone. Select either 'Disk Clone' or 'Volume Clone' based on your requirement.
Disk Clone: Use this option to clone your Mac hard disk. If the destination drive is of larger size as source drive then you can change the size of target drive to make full use of it. Following are the options:
* Clone without resizing
* Clone with resizing
Volume Clone: This option allows you to clone your Mac volume to volume/folder/network drive.

Image: This option allows you to create the image file of the selected Mac hard drive or volume. Select the volume from the list of all volumes in 'Select Source'.

Restore: This module allows you to restore the lost data from previously created image files. This tab provides the below options:
* Restore Volume from Folder
* Restore Volume from Image File

Mention the 'Source Path' containing clone of volume and the a Destination of your choice where you want to restore the image . Now, click 'Continue'.

Tools: Use this module to create a Bootable DVD or Minimal System, which can be used to start-up the Mac system, which has failed to boot due to operating system corruption or other similar problem.
Select either 'Bootable DVD' or 'Minimal System', select the Destination Partition and click 'Continue'.


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June 21, 2014 03:33 am

Selecting a dmg the application displays the message "Not a valid Stellar Drive Clone Image" making it impossible to clone. The image was created previously with disk utility and was verified before trying to restore it with StellarDrive Clone. Application fails to restore .dmg files to hd.

Amit Pandey
June 24, 2014 09:49 am

Hi Freakqnc,

Stellar Drive Clone will restore from an image only when it is created by itself.

Hope this helps!!!


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