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What should I do if I don’t find the deleted iPhone files after scanning?

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Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is an efficient software to recover all kinds of lost data from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud.

In case you are unable to find the lost data after quick scan through Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone, choose to perform Deep Scan.

Deep scan is a next level of aggressive scanning. It involves thorough scan of the device and the backups (iTunes and iCloud) using advanced algorithms. Deep Scan recovers as much data as possible from the selected device or backup. It searches for lost files on the basis of file signature. This recovery option recovers everything that is found in the selected source. This option is especially helpful in case of severely deleted and corrupted iPhone data.

How to perform Deep Scan?

Once quick scan is completed, in the preview window choose Click Here option at the bottom left of the window to start Deep Scan.

When the scanning process is completed, a dialog box displaying the message ‘Deep Scan completed’ is displayed.

In case the additional data is not recovered through Deep Scan, the dialog box displays the message ‘Deep Scan completed. No additional data found.’

Files found during Deep Scan can be viewed in the preview window and saved at any desired location.


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