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Why repaired image files are very small in size?

  June 27, 2019    8366 views

Stellar Repair for Photo is a trusted DIY photo repair utility. Along with JPEG/JPG and TIFF, the software repairs RAW file formats of all popular brands of cameras including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc., and restores them in JPEG format.

If your repaired photos turn out to be small, it could be because:

  • Your image is severely damaged due to which the software extracted its thumbnail or
  • Your image file has a RAW file format like CR2, CRW, NEF, RAF, SR2, RW2 etc. The software repairs and saves camera RAW image files in JPEG. Since JPEG is a compressed format, the image size could be small but the repaired image quality remains the same as the original photo.


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Ich benötige meinen Aktivierungs Code.

Haase Michaela

Abdul Majid

Lieber Haase,

Leider können wir die Bestellung mit Ihrer E-Mail-Adresse nicht finden.

Bitte geben Sie die Bestellnummer für Ihren Kauf an, um Sie bei der Aktivierung zu unterstützen.

Bitte senden Sie ein Ticket an unser Team über den unten stehenden Link mit der Bestellnummer und wir werden Sie weiter führen:

Dear employee,

Yesterday I purchased the Stellar Repair for Photo to fix my CR2 photo's (the trial version seemed to be very promising). But now all it comes up with is a very small and very blurry thumbnail jpg (no CR2) for ALL my high quality photo's (approx 100pcs). This is what I saw with the trial version, not expecting this would be the final result for the payed version as well (why paying then?). There is really nothing that I can do with the results. To be honest I think that the trail version is misleading. I would be very pleased if you could return the payed amount. Please let me know.

Kind regards,



Hi Gerben,

Our software save the repaired files in the same manner as demo version shows them in preview.

As you are getting thumbnails of images, it is due to severe corruption in files.

For further assistance, please submit ticket to our experts using below link:


Stellar Data Recovery

If the full version of your software repairs my corrupt TIFF files, can it save them in TIFF format or does it reduce them to JPG?




As per the functionality of software, it will save repaired images in JPG format.

Software save the repaired images in the same manner as it shows them in preview .

For further assistance, you may submit ticket to our experts using below link:


Stellar Data Recovery

Why buy Stellar Repair Photos if you get only thumbnail photos, that you can get for free on your PC. I just choose to make thumbnails on old faded photos, they come out the same as Stellar, just making them smaller.
Changed my mind...Would not buy!



Dear Penny,

We understand your situation completely.

We would like to inform you that our demo version of the software will allow you to check the possibility of repair before purchasing the software. If you are able to get only thumbnail after repair then it should be the possible repair.

Feel free to reach us.


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Stellar Repair for Photo Stellar Repair for Photo software is the best DIY tool to repair corrupt or damaged photos. If your images appear distorted, split, blurred, pixelated, Stellar will help you resurrect your prized memories.

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