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How to import Apple Mail contacts to Outlook 2011 for Mac

  June 10, 2014    11000 views

Apple mail is a popular mail client used for Mac. It can be easily configured with POP3, IMAP, and Exchange accounts. One can easily access mails, contacts, calendars, etc. using this built-in feature. Ever since it was launched, Apple has made a continuous effort to improve the mailing features, including message integration within the Notification Center, iCloud reliability improvements, and Conversation views, etc. However, it still has some drawbacks as compared to other email clients.

Outlook for Mac, yet another famous email client, has an edge over Apple mail because of its capability to integrate contacts and calendaring successfully. In addition, you can easily perform all mail related operations. Because of this, you may want to shift to Outlook if you have been using Apple Mail. The process might sound little difficult as both of them use different file formats. However, there are ways using which you can easily import Apple Mail to Outlook 2011. Apple Mail stores contacts as a vCard, which can be dragged into Outlook to import your contacts.

Following are the steps to import contacts to Outlook.

1.    Launch Apple Mail.

2.    Open the Apple Address Book.

3.    Select the contacts that you want to export, and then drag the selection to the desktop.

4.    Open Outlook for Mac.

5.    Click Contacts at the bottom of the navigation pane or select View->Go To->Contacts from the menu.

6. Drag the vCard file “All Contacts.vcf” from the desktop to the Contacts item list or the Address Book root category.

Note: As an alternative to the above-mentioned steps, you can enable the Sync Services for your Outlook contacts. This will synchronize your Outlook contacts with the Apple Address Book, MobileMe, and other applications or devices.


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