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Is data recovery possible after erasing files with Bitraser for File Software?

  May 27, 2019    1111 views

BitRaser for File is a file eraser and privacy safeguarding software from Stellar®—a renowned organization with over 25 years of expertise in providing data recovery services. They know how data is recovered and thus, know how to destroy it beyond recovery.

BitRaser for File supports 17 international data eraser standards such as DoD 5220.22-M (3 passes/7 passes), and NATO, etc. These rigorous standards are set and defined by various government and private organizations across the globe—such as US Department of Defense, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), etc. It is a certified data eraser software that guarantees data destruction beyond recovery from all kinds of Windows supported storage media.

Therefore, if you chose to erase file(s) with the help of BitRaser for File software, the file is securely erased beyond recovery and cannot be recovered by using any data recovery software or services including the forensic tools.


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BitRaser for File BitRaser for File is a certified data eraser software that helps you to wipe file, folders, internet activities, application traces, system traces as well as hard disk drives from Windows operating systems without leaving any scope for recovery. This file wipe tool will permanently erase all the crucial information stored in any type of storage devices.

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