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Is disabling System Integrity Protection Safe for Mac Data Recovery?

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Temporarily, yes, it’s safe and required to disable System Integrity Protection to recover lost or deleted files from start-up disk with Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac.

SIP in Brief

(S.I.P.) System Integrity Protection is another layer of security that protects file-system permissions of system-owned files and directories. It restricts the access of root user to prevent overwriting system files or applications. However, you might need to disable System Integrity Protection to run certain applications or to recover lost/deleted data from your Mac.  

Which Software to Trust for Data Recovery?

Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is the best bet for start-up disk recovery on High Sierra. The software has quite a pertinent modus operandi with focus on recovering your missing files only and doesn’t modify or interfere with system files and directories.

To recover deleted or lost important files from macOS High Sierra start-up disk, disable System Integrity Protection temporarily and run Stellar Mac Data Recovery – Professional. It is a safe and secure method to recover your files. 

System Integrity Protection is enabled or disabled by executing csrutil enable/disable command utility in the Terminal window (Recovery Mode). However, disabling System Integrity Protection might leave your Mac at risk of certain threats; therefore, after recovering your data using the Mac data recovery software, immediately enable it. 


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