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How to Fix Error "Linked file, not in the directory" in Stellar Repair for Access?

  February 3, 2023    339 views

Sometimes, when you try to repair the linked tables in the Access database file using Stellar Repair for Access, you may get a warning message “Database Components Missing”. This message usually pops up while trying to repair a split database and when the software could not find the database at the correct path.

The complete message displays the name of the missing item, along with the item-linked path.

Image of Stellar Repair for Access software home screen

In case you ignore the message with the path link, then you’re not able to see the path.

However, you can click on Linked Tables in the left pane. It will show the path in the right pane.

Image of External File Path in Stellar Repair for Access

Also, if you see the checked box against the Linked Table, it specifies that the item is not repaired.

Image of Linked Table checked

To repair the linked table, you need to check and correct the path of the database. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to the path mentioned in the warning message. For example:


  • Check if the location of the database is the same while splitting it.
  • If it is not correct, change it to the original location and then again try to repair the linked table.

If it is successfully repaired, the message “Repaired file saved successfully” will appear.   

Image of Repair file saved successfully

  • To verify, you can also view the number of repaired Linked Tables in the Log Report.

Image of Log Report highlighting the number of files repaired



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Stellar Repair for Access Stellar Repair for Access software fixes corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access files and saves the repaired database files to their default or a user-specified location.

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