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Describe the various options included in Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair for selecting corrupt PDF files for repair

Author : Creative Team Updated on May 29, 2015

Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair encapsulates a range of easy-to-use options to streamline the repair process much to the needs of an average user. It provides two different options for selecting PDF files, i.e. Select File and Find Files.

The Select File option allows you to select the desired PDF file to be repaired from any known location in your system. You can use this option when you know the exact path to the respective file. If you are unable to find a specific PDF file in your system, you can use the Find Files option to locate the corrupt file. Using this feature, the software rigorously searches the selected volume for all files having .PDF extension. You can also check mark the Search Subfolder box to search all the folders inside the volume.

After completion of the search, the software prepares a list of all PDF files found in the specified volume. You can choose the desired PDF file from this list.

Steps to Use the Select File and Find Files options in Stellar Phoenix PDF Repair

Run the software. On the first screen of main interface, click Repair PDF Files.
The next screen shows the two options namely, Select File and Find Files.
Click on Select File and browse to the location of the PDF file to be repaired.
Choose Find Files to search for PDF files in your system. You need to specify a drive and the file type and then click the Find Files button.
The software displays a list of all PDF files found in the selected drive. You can now select the PDF file you need to repair from this list.

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