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Is it possible to password protect Bitraser for File Software?

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The BitRaser for File data erasure software comes with the password protection feature that prevents other users from accessing the software on your system. Thus, you can password protect BitRaser for File software by setting up an alphanumeric password that can be changed or modified later as per your preference.
Follow these steps to password protect BitRaser for File software:
  1. Launch the ‘BitRaser for File’ software and click the ‘Tools’ tab
  2. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and click the ‘Create Password’ link
  3. Enter a password of maximum 16 characters long in the ‘Enter Password’ field and enter the same password again in the ‘Confirm Password’ field. Keep the password strong. Use alphanumeric password or use combination of letters (uppercase and lowercase) with numbers and symbols to make it stronger
  4. In the ‘Password Hint’ field, add password hint of minimum 4 characters (very helpful when you forget password) 
  5. Click the ‘Apply’ button to save the entered password for protecting the BitRaser for File from unauthorized access
Close the BitRaser for File program and launch it again. It will ask you for the password (User Name is already displayed by the software) every time when it’s launched or any scheduled task is executed by the tool.
The password can’t be removed by uninstalling the BitRaser for File software. After re-installation, BitRaser for File asks for the same password.


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