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What are the various 'Preferences' options available to customize Drive ToolBox?

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Stellar Drive ToolBox provides several preferences to customize different operations with respect to your requirements. In order to set the preferences, you can go to the Drive ToolBox menu and select the 'Preferences' option. Below are the preferences available:

* General
SpeedUp Mac
* Drive Defrag
* Partition ManagerWipe
* Shield
* Data Encryptor

General Preferences:
General Preferences allows you to set the frequency of updating Drive ToolBox and the tasks to be performed at the end of any operation. As end of task operations, under 'After finishing task' section, you can select options, 'Play Sound', 'Send system to sleep' and 'Shutdown system'.

Similarly, you can select the 'Check for updates' option and the update frequency from the list to set the interval in which the application will look for new updates.

SpeedUp Mac Preferences:
You can click the 'SpeedUp Mac' tab under the 'Preferences' window to set preferences for the SpeedUp Mac utility in Drive ToolBox. The available preferences include General, Folder Search, Languages, Files, Devices, Advanced, Scheduler and Ignore list.

With the 'General' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can check/uncheck 'Caches', 'Logs' and 'Files' options to cleanup the corresponding items. Here, you can also set preferences for 'Clean My Mac'.

Under the 'Folder Search' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can specify folders to be searched for universal binaries, language files etc. This preference is set for both 'SpeedUp Now' and 'Clean My Mac' activities.

Under the 'Language' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can select the languages to search the corresponding applications, which use the selected languages.

Under the 'Files' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can set filters to include or exclude files, in case of Large Files and Duplicate Files.

With the 'Devices' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can set the preference to clean external devices on connection.

With the 'Advanced' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can set several preferences to play sound at the end of the process, automatic uninstallation when an application is dragged to trash and trash status monitor.

With the 'Scheduler' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can schedule operations to be carried out at the specified time and date.

Under the 'Ignore list' preference of SpeedUp Mac, you can select applications to ignore their universal binaries during scanning.

Drive Defrag Preferences:
There are two types of preferences under Drive Defrag, such as 'Monitoring' and 'Deletion List'. With these options, you can set preferences to monitor drive temperature, verify after writing, get SMART status, and delete the set of files.

Partition Manager Preferences:
Here you can set preferences to either verify the data in the partition after writing or fast shifting of data, without verifying.

Wipe Preferences:
Under preferences for Wipe, there are three preferences available, such as 'Wipe Algorithm', 'Set Scheduler' and 'Cancel Scheduling'. Here you can select the wiping algorithm, specify time for wiping and cancel any previously set schedules.

SMART Preferences:
You can set different SMART preferences to monitor the health status of the hard drive and get warned against any impending hard drive failure. The utility allows you to set different SMART preferences, such as 'Monitor temperature of Hard Drive', 'Enable Temperature warning' and 'Shutdown at Critical Temperature'.

Shield Preferences:
Here, you can set preferences to schedule the backup task of Stellar Shield. Also, you can cancel any previously set schedules.

Data Encryptor Preferences:
The Data Encryptor preference in Drive ToolBox 2 allows you to specify the encryption algorithm, set different icons for unlocated hidden files/folders and remove unlocated files/folders.

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April 5, 2013 09:12 am

I am unable to go to my preferences in my Stellar drive Toolbox it is greyed.
Thanks for helping

Amit Pandey
April 5, 2013 09:53 am

Hi Verpoorten,

It would be great if you please let me know the Mac OS version which you are currently using.



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