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Prerequisites for using Stellar Repair for Access software

  January 10, 2019    1153 views

Stellar Repair for Access is a complete solution to fix corrupt or damaged MDB and ACCDB files.

The following are the prerequisites for using Stellar Repair for Access software:

  • Access database and the repair software should be located on the same system: If the Access database of the user is not located on the same system as the software, then the software is unable to locate the corrupt file. Copy the Access database on the local machine where Stellar Repair for Access software is installed.
  • Log in as Administrator: Normal users have Read-Only rights on servers. Only the Admins have full rights to perform the changes. To repair a corrupt Access database, log in to the server via an Administrator account and then launch the software. Alternatively, assign ‘Administrator’ access to the user.


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I just bought Repair for Access and it is only saving some of the available queries and forms but not all listed. And none of the macros, modules, and linked tables.

Jerid Ahrens

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Stellar Repair for Access Stellar Repair for Access software fixes corrupt or damaged Microsoft Access files and saves the repaired database files to their default or a user-specified location.

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