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Describe the procedure to convert PST files into MBOX format using Stellar Outlook PST to MBOX Converter?

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Stellar Outlook PST to MBOX Converter is packed with plenty of functionality to help you transfer batch data from your PST file to MBOX file. The software facilitates conversion to MBOX file formats supported by four major MBOX clients, including Thunderbird, Spicebird, SeaMonkey, or Netscape. Follow the below mentioned procedure to easily convert your PST file into MBOX format using Stellar Outlook PST to MBOX Converter

Selecting PST file and MBOX Client

Start the software to open the main interface along with the ' Select Outlook Profile & MBOX Client' dialog box.

In this dialog, choose 'Select Outlook Profile' for selecting any profile you have configured in MS Outlook. You can select from the displayed list of profiles below 'Select Outlook Profile'.

Choose 'Select Outlook PST File' to select a PST file to be converted to MBOX. To select a file, click 'Select PST File' button in the dialog. You can also find PST files in a specific drive, folder, or volume using 'Find PST File' option.

Select the MBOX client to which you need to export mails in the 'Select Mailbox Client (MBOX):-' section.

Click 'OK' to start scanning the selected PST file. (If you PST is password-protected, the 'Enter Outlook PST Password' dialog box is displayed. Specify the password and click 'OK'.)

Previewing Mailbox Items in Main Interface

Once the software finishes the scan, it forms a tree-structured list of all the mailbox items in the left pane.

Click on a folder in this list to display all the mails in the top-right pane.

Select a mail in the top pane to preview its contents in the main interface.

Converting and Saving Mailbox Items

Click 'Convert to MBOX' button on the toolbar to start the conversion process. A dialog box appears.

In this dialog, provide the desired destination path to save the converted mails and click 'OK'.

Once the conversion and saving process is finished, you can find the output MBOX file at your specified location. You need to import this MBOX file into the respective MBOX client to access emails.


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