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Recover Data from Inaccessible Hard Drive Partitions on Windows 7

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Corruption in partitions or the entire hard drive occurs after certain age, which affects the data stored on it. Apart from that, virus or malware attacks, file system corruption, MBR corruption, and several other factors cause disk corruptions or partition loss. In case the boot partition is working flawlessly, lost or corrupt partition recovery is feasible with efficient >Windows partition recovery software. Post to that, one can recover lost data intact that actually is subject to type and extent of corruption.

Introduction – Partition Corruption or Loss
When one or more partitions on your PC are not accessible or corrupt, you ultimately lose your data. In such state, you certainly wonder about how drive corruption occurs. How does it cause data loss if ignored?

Well, responding to these questions requires a brief look over corruption scenarios and their corresponding fixes. Following are the scenarios portraying corruption in disk partitions leading to partition inaccessibility:

A partition is not responding when double-clicked to open and access the data.

Each of the partitions of the hard drive has a header associated with it, which stores information about that partition. This header is prone to corruption due to virus/malware infections, inefficient partitioning or partition modification, or some like issues and throws error messages every time when tried opening.

File system corruption causing partition loss, leading to data loss.

The file system is essential system utility that not only handles data storage, but it also manages every single file saved on the hard drive. File system maintains the record of each file, such file creation, modification, and access details along with the user permission. For instance, if user has permissions to access particular file or prohibit the user if does not have access permissions.

Partition Loss & Its Consequences

When it comes to store data on computer, it is better to save different types of files in different drives. This keeps the files organized and makes them easily accessible whenever required. When one or more partitions get corrupt or lost in worst scenarios, the causes of corruption do not really matter, but fixing them do requires sufficient knowledge along with their corresponding redemption steps. In case you take the corruption causally and bypass it, the corruption scenario might lead to a data loss scenario.

Based on the type and significance of data stored in corrupt partition, the consequences might be ranging from a simple data loss to massive loss of data and money. For instance, your Office PC is infected with malware and you sometimes find files and folders not opening properly or crashing while opening, failed to open, or even lost all of a sudden.

In worst scenario, you find the partition containing all your crucial files and presentations is no longer showing in My Computer. You might sink into chaos. The only way out of this situation is inaccessible partition recovery with partition recovery software. Using such software, scan the entire system for lost partition and if recovered, scan it for lost data recovery. In addition, you need to make sure that the drive is not used for further storage after the data loss event occurred.

Recover Lost/Inaccessible Partition
In order to recover lost or inaccessible partition on your PC, the key requirement is for a reliable and powerful partition recovery tool. With the required partition recovery tool available, the next step is to scan the hard drive sectors for lost partition. If the software finishes scanning the hard drive with the lost partition recovered, scan the particular partition for lost data and save it to an external drive or a like storage media.

Apart from that, getting a partition containing crucial files deleted is a similar data loss scenario that sometimes comes across (most while installing Windows). Though this scenario is different from the one discussed earlier (i.e. the partition loss), it also results in data loss equally. Besides, the recovery tool used for lost partition recovery most likely will work for recovery from inaccessible partition. For this scenario, you need to scan the hard drive for lost partition, and then undelete partition if feasible. With the recovered partition undeleted successfully, move all data to a reliable storage media, but not on the same drive. This reduces the chance of data recovery. Instead, using external media will be advantageous.


Though Windows 7 is secure and reliable operating system in Window series, they are also susceptible to hard drive corruption, partition loss, file system corruption, and partition not accessible due to unknown or sometime because of internal issues. As data loss is hard to prevent in such cases, always keep a backup copy of each essential file on an external storage media (i.e. usually on emails server, external drive, or a network drive).

'Hard drives provide massive space for data storage, irrespective of what type of data it is. In fact, things like this do not really matter when what you need to store is crucial. However, you need to be careful in reference to that data, as you cannot afford losing it no matter what. Windows 7 is reliable when it comes to store data in a secure environment. However, you might not be aware of what happens in the next moment. Be careful and keep backup copies of all crucial files to avoid consequences of behaving careless.'


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